Piano Playing

The Ultimate Guide to Baby, It’s Cold Outside

3 Modules 9 Sections 34 Lessons Late Intermediate

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Video Summary: 


1. Practice hands separately initially. Loop m81, beat 3 - 4, RH to get used to the hand position change. 

2.  FINGERING : m82, RH: 3 1 2 (14)

3. Loop the LH leaps out of tempo in each measure: 

    m80, the 'and' of beat 2 - the 'and' of beat 4

    m81, beat 3 - 4

    m82, beat 1 - 3

4. Make sure you are accurate and comfortable with the leaps  in each hand separately before you put them together.

5. Play hands together, but stop after each hand position leap. 

6. Play hands together in tempo and note the dynamic changes.

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