May 31

Recent Solo Piano Releases


I wanted to let you know about some recent piano sheet music releases now available for download! Each of these products came about because people reached out to request them specifically. So don't be afraid to reach out; you never know what might happen! 

Our Latest Solo Piano Releases

Bring a swinging, joyous, and jazzy twist to this patriotic hymn! Great for unique twists for patriotic-themed events or services! Your download includes the sheet music, a free demo recording, and a free half-tempo demo recording to help “get you up to speed” quickly.

A beloved hymn as a jazz ballad, filled with lush jazz chords and harmonies. As a bonus, Craig includes a shorter version (with the middle “improv” section omitted for when you have time constraints.

This Gershwin classic is now available as a tender and pensive piano solo for intermediate-level pianists. Perfect for relaxing and melancholic moments at the piano.


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