Explore My Christmas Chorals!
Here's a handy list of all my Christmas-themed choral anthems:
R.I.P., P.O.P… Permanently Out of Print Titles
Permanently Out of Print (P.O.P.) is the death knell designation given to sheet music by music publishers. One of the[...]
A Case Study of the Music Publishing Process
In my last post I outlined the process I generally use when I'm arranging or composing a new piece for[...]
A Look Inside the Music Publishing Process
I recently received a phone call from a publisher asking me to arrange a new choral anthem for their next[...]
3 Cool Features of Craig Curry Music
Here are 5 cool new features of Craig Curry Music you should know about! 1. A responsive layout. Our new[...]
What Worship Leaders Can Learn from American Idol
On American Idol, the singers work tirelessly to sound and look their best. Each week vocal coaches work with the[...]
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