Paul Bunyan


Fun school piece for children’s choir! (demo slightly slowed)

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    The story of Paul Bunyan comes to life and song in this wonderful new 2-part piece with lyrics by J. Paul Williams and music by Craig Curry. A fun, educational piece about the Paul Bunyan stories, written for “The American Experience” choral series for school choirs.

    An accompaniment CD is available here.

    There was a mighty logging man Who lived a long time ago Known by everyone from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico He made the Whistling River stop whistling And made Knute the Snake stop hissing A tireless worker who earned great fame Paul Bunyan, Paul Bunyan, Paul Bunyan was his name. One summer day he formed Puget Sound With an artic glacier he had found Then he dug the Hood Canal and Never even used a plow! Later for the people of Oregon He hollowed out Crater Lake Put an island in the middle of it Which you can still see today! (chorus) He had a big blue ox he raised Named him "Babe" and fed him hay. When Babe moved the ground would shake Just like a major earthquake! Paul Bunyan cleared the desert of ev'ry tree While Babe played Hide and Seek. Then they built the Rocky Mountains one week And on the way they made Pike's Peak! (chorus) A tireless worker who earned great fame, Paul Bunyan, Paul Bunyan, Paul Bunyan was his name!



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