Everybody Needs Love


Fun children’s piece!

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    This is a winner! A great text about loving one another, a melody that drives like a race car, and a piano part that simply does it! Craig Curry’s musicianship overwhelms this simple song and lifts it up to the sky. This one should not be missed. Available: 2-Part any combination.

    There's a place in you and me A hidden space that you can't see It's a place that only love can fill Some pretend it's just not there Others act like they don't care But they're missing out on such a thrill! Everybody needs love, everybody needs love The one thing every heart keeps dreamin' of Everybody needs love, it comes from above It's clear, far and near, everybody needs love. Little kids and grumpy old men Asian or Canadian We all need to know that someone cares Rich or poor or middle class Football stars who drop a pass Blondes, brunettes, or those who've lost their hair (the follicle impaired) We're well aware that that means me and you Even if you like lima beans with barbeque It's love that makes this world go 'round and around and around There's simply no circumvention It's God's greatest invention L-O-V-E, love, there's no greater sound. (chorus and bridge simultaneously) Everybody needs everybody, Yes, everybody needs everybody L-O-V-E, love, there's no greater sound. Love!



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