Unseen, But Not Unknown


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The poetic words of Ray Palmer are set with heartfelt care by Craig Curry in this thoughtful and inspired anthem. The natural rise and fall of each line helps underscore the simple message of faith within this offering.

My Lord, these eyes have never seen that radiant form of Thine;
The veil of sense hangs dark between Thy blessèd face and mine.

I see Thee not, I hear Thee not, yet art Thou oft with me;
And earth hath ne'er so dear a spot as where I meet with Thee.

Like some bright dream that comes unsought
When the night slumbers o'er me roll
Thine image ever fills my thought
And calms my ravaged soul.

Yet, though I have not see, and still must rest in faith alone;
I love thee, dearest Lord, and will, unseen but not unknown.

Unseen, but not unknown.



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