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    A powerful and emotional song of faith. Craig Curry’s “Still” is a renewal of our commitment to follow Christ and a gentle reminder to look to the cross in times of trouble. A promise to remain steadfast until the end of time.

    Broken, needy, You know my heart
    Tired, wounded, torn apart
    Shattered longings I place in Your hand
    Kneeling, unable to stand.

    Still I will trust You
    Still I will sing
    Songs of thanksgiving to my King
    My eyes are failing
    Your promise fulfill
    And till then, I'll worship you still.

    Hungry, thirsting, longing for more
    Desparate, crying, pain outpoured
    Lonely, struggling, I look to Your cross
    You bear my grief, shame and loss.


    The prayer of my heart in the midst of the storm
    Is to see the Morning Star
    I will heed His call to follow Him
    Even though I journey far.


    I will worship You still!


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