Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us Jazz Combo Bundle


Gentle and Inspiring!


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This sensitive jazz ballad treatment of the classic hymn, “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us,” offers your listeners quiet moments of reflection and inspiration.

This jazz combo arrangement comes with everything you need to get your group sounding like a seasoned jazz combo. This amazing bundle contains:

  • completely notated parts for piano, guitar, bass and drums, including written out “improvised” solo for piano (or other instrument). ($12 value)
  • completely notated optional parts for flute, alto and tenor sax, clarinet/trumpet, and trombone. Customize your arrangement with the players you have available! ($12 value)
  • a “melody-only” part to easily add a vocalist and make the arrangement a vocal feature ($2 value)
  • a “Master Rhythm” part, great for guitarists or more advanced players who are familiar with jazz ($4 value)
  • a complete Conductor’s Score to help manage rehearsals ($10 value)
  • a demo mp3 with permission to make up to 10 copies ($10 value)
  • a Play-Along mp3 Track with the piano part removed–great for pianists to practice or perform with in the absence of bass and drums ($10 value)
  • a Bonus “Comping-Only” Piano Part, fully notated but without the melody or a solo ($2 value)
  • a Bonus SOLO PIANO version and demo mp3 of the arrangement which is slightly shorter than the full combo arrangement. ($5 value)
  • Also included is a BONUS “Synth Strings” part to give this arrangement that extra lush sound. ($2 value)
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