My Resting Place


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    Craig Curry has created a simple folk-like melody with a reflective text that speaks of the rest to be found in Jesus Christ. Featuring tenor soloist, this piece will showcase the quieter side of your male choir or ensemble. The purchase price includes permission to make copies as needed for your choir.

    Once I walked with hopelessness, Despair my closest friend, But I have found a Resting Place Where this torn heart can mend Where this torn heart can mend. Once my burdens haunted me With sorrows too hard to bear, But when I turned my face and cried, Compassion met me there. Compassion met me there. He brought peace, He brought joy, He brought light and life to hope, I thought destroyed. He brought love He brought grace, Now in Him my heart has found my resting place. Once I searched for treasure here, And once I searched in vain, But Treasure searched for me instead And Jesus is His name! Yes, Jesus is His name! (chorus) Once I walked with hopelessness and still it calls today, But I have found my Resting Place, And by His side I'll stay. Yes, by His side I'll stay. I will stay.


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