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I Could Not Do without Thee


Beautiful text and melody

Available from your favorite print music dealer or directly from the publisher. If ordering from the above link, sales and delivery of this choral anthem will be managed by a third party and we may receive a small referral.

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    Seldom do you find such beauty in text and melody. Frances Havergal’s relatively unknown words of devotion are a perfect match to the wonderful melody written by Craig Curry, which harkens back to the early American folk tune. The mixture of solo voice with the choir lends a personal touch that reflects the ardor of the text.

    You may purchase a solo version of this anthem in the collection Ten by Ten.

    To see various interpretations of this piece, search YouTube by the song title for multiple videos. Here's one I particularly enjoyed. (Kudos to whomever orchestrated this also; I wish I had a copy of it!)
    I could not do without Thee
    O Savior of the lost
    Whose precious blood redeemed me
    At such tremendous cost
    Thy righteousness, thy pardon
    Thy precious blood, must be
    My only hope and comfort
    My glory and my plea

    I could not do without Thee
    I cannot stand alone
    I have no strength or goodness
    No wisdom of my own
    But Thou, beloved Savior
    Art all in all to me
    And weakness will be power
    If leaning hard on Thee

    I could not do without Thee
    O Jesus, Savior dear
    E'en when my eyes are 'holden
    I know that Thou art near
    How dreary and how lonely
    This changeful life would be
    Without the sweet communion
    The secret rest with Thee

    I could not do without Thee
    For years are fleeting fast
    And soon in solemn oneness
    The river must be passed
    But Thou wilt never leave me
    And though the waves roll high
    I know Thou wilt be near me
    And whisper, “It is I.”



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