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Hail to the Prince of Life and Peace



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    A classic text by Philip Doddridge gets new life by the creative pen of Craig Curry. Reminiscent of the Americana cinematic writing the rustic piano accompaniment and idiomatic trumpet part create at an atmosphere of confidence and regality. Replete with images of Jesus the monarch of heaven, this festive statement is perfect for Christ the King Sunday. Singular!

    Hail to the Prince of life and peace, Who holds the keys of death and hell! The spacious world unseen is His, And sovereign power becomes Him well. In shame and torment once He died, But now He lives forevermore; Bow down, ye saints, around His seat, And all ye angel bands, adore. So live forever, glorious Lord, To crush Thy foes and guard Thy friends! While all Thy chosen tribes rejoice That Thy dominion never ends. Worthy Thy hands to hold the keys, Guided by wisdom and by love; Worthy to rule o’er mortal life, O’er worlds below and worlds above. Forever reign, victorious King! Wide through the earth Thy Name is known; And call my longing heart to sing Sublimer anthems near Thy throne.


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