Come and Dine


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With a moving, memorable melody, Craig Curry offers this beautiful anthem for communion. Easy to learn, yet deep in its impact it will become a favorite of both choirs and folks in the pews. The rich harmonies and broad melody bring freshness to one of our most important liturgical observances. Also available for download here.

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O Christ, we see Your table spread, Your cup with love o'er flows. And here we taste the Living Bread as our thanksgiving grows. O sacred feast, which Jesus makes a banquet so divine. Here of himself He offers us in bread and cup of wine. The cup of God's most costly grace is on our hearts outpoured, And in this broken bread we hold the body of our Lord. Let everyone who longs for love, let anyone in need Drink of His blood and quench their thirst and on His kindness feed. So take and eat and life the cup just as your Lord was lifted up. Here in this bread, here in this wine we taste His mercy, come and dine. O Lord, when at Your wedding feast we gather on that day, where every tear and sorrow known forever fades away. May we partake with shouts of joy once more, the wine and bread. Forever held by Love's embrace and in His triumph led. So take and eat, and lift the cup just as Your Lord was lifted up. Here in this bread, here in this wine we taste His mercy, come and dine. Come and dine. Come and dine.

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