Blest Jesus, Reign Within


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A simple yet moving anthem offered as an ardent prayer to Jesus. The pentatonic melody along with the added flute adds a melancholy feel to the piece. Available for instant download.

Blest Jesus, while in mortal flesh I hold my frail abode, Still would my spirit rest on Thee, My Savior and my God. On Thy dear cross I fix my eyes, My trust in Thee complete, Till love dissolves my inmost soul At my Redeemer's feet. O be Thou near me, dear Lord I pray Take all the darkness of sin away I bow before You, give ev'ry part Receive my worship, renew my heart. Be dead, my heart, to worldly charms, Be dead to ev'ry sin And tell the boldest foe without That Jesus reigns within. Blest Jesus, reign within.



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