All of These



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    Much unison and two-part singing make this praise anthem easy to learn and accessible to choirs and ensembles of any size. Inspired by a devotional by Charles Spurgeon, the premise of All of These is that all of God’s greatest attributes – grace, mercy, and wisdom – are available to us as God’s children. We are encouraged to accept and use these gifts for God’s glory and to do God’s will, and this grateful praise song expresses our deepest desire to do just that. Dramatic and expressive, tender, yet powerful.

    A performance by Soli Deo Gloria Choir, GPIB Filadelfia, from Indonesia, posted on YouTube. This is one of numerous postings of this piece, often performed internationally.
    How vast His grace! How great His faithfulness! How deep His love! How rich His mercy! How high His thoughts! How sure His wisdom! And all of these, He gives to me. So I will praise Him with every breath For He has rescued me from certain death And now this life I live, I live in Him O let His glory shine while mine grows dim. How just His ways! (I was so lost) How good His discipline! (with nowhere to turn) How pure His truth! (I never would have found my way) How kind His goodness! (without His hand) How calm His peace! (He reached down for me) How long His patience (I'll never understand how) And all of these (yes, all of these) He gives to me. (chorus repeats) How vast His grace! (How broad His pow'r) How great His faithfulness! (How grand His majesty!) How deep His love! (How true His reign!) How rich His mercy! (How bright His glory!) How high His thoughts! (How strong His might!) How sure His wisdom! (How clear His triumph!) And all of these, He gives to me. (chorus repeats)



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