September 8

R.I.P., P.O.P… Permanently Out of Print Titles


Permanently Out of Print (P.O.P.) is the death knell designation given to sheet music by music publishers.

One of the downsides of being a freelance composer is having to watch your compositions declared “P.O.P.”: Permanently Out of Print by a publisher. Many people don’t realize when one of my compositions is published by Hal Leonard, Alfred, or any other publisher, I have signed away “for eternity” (that’s literally how some contracts read…) my rights to the piece in exchange for a royalty (usually 10% of the retail price) of the sales for that piece.

So if a publisher declares a piece “Permanently Out of Print”, it’s basically that piece’s or product’s “death knell.” It means once any remaining stock is sold, no more will be printed. And although I am the composer or arranger of that piece, I cannot make more copies or sell it digitally. (Side note: my sincere thanks to those publishers who have embraced “P.O.D.” or “Print on Demand” as a better solution than “P.O.P.” )

As I recently updated this site I learned several of my products are now sadly out of print. I’m hoping this post will be a helpful reference for you (and for me) about those products that have been laid to rest. They may be gone, but they are not forgotten!

Piano Books Permanently Out of Print

  • Blue Curry (Shawnee Press/Hal Leonard): book and optional parts
  • Curry and Salsa (Shawnee Press/Hal Leonard): book and optional parts
  • Gospel Improv (Word Music)
  • Christmas Themes and Variations (Word Music)
Blue Curry Piano Music
Blue Curry Piano Book and Optional Rhythm Section parts are out of print.
Curry and Salsa and the Optional Rhythm Section and Horn parts are out of print.
Gospel Improv cover
Gospel Improv is out of print.
Christmas Themes and Variations is out of print.

Choral Anthems Permanently Out of Print

  • Calypso Carol (Hal Leonard)
  • Christmas Samba (Hal Leonard)
  • Count It All Joy (Shawnee Press/Hal Leonard)
  • Forever Sing His Praise (Hal Leonard)
  • Help Us Find the Holy Child (EverGreen Morning Press)
  • How Great Our Joy (Hal Leonard)
  • I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (Hal Leonard)
  • Let Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come (Shawnee Press/Hal Leonard)
  • The Little Cradle Rocks Tonight (Shawnee Press/Hal Leonard)
  • People Who Walk in Darkness (Shawnee Press/Hal Leonard)
  • The Star (EverGreen Morning Press)
  • Star of the East (Shawnee Press/Hal Leonard)


out of print

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