October 12

New Modern Worship Series for Piano Begins!


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You can download my Modern Worship Series for Piano arrangements straight to your tablet!
(Photo: Ian Dooley/Unsplash)

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new “Modern Worship Series for Piano” in partnership with Sheet Music Plus! The first title in the series, “Lion and the Lamb” is now live! (legal disclaimer: affiliate link)

This new Modern Worship Series for Piano is for those of you who asked

  • to be able to download piano sheet music directly

  • for piano arrangements of the latest modern worship songs

  • for easier-to-play piano arrangements

  • for piano arrangements not in a jazz style

This series will be great for:

Lion and the Lamb is the first downloadable arrangement in our new series.

    If you’ve mainly played hymn arrangements, now you can add a few modern worship songs into your playing. These arrangements make great preludes, offertories, and in some instances, communion background music. Each song lasts between 3 to 4 minutes.

    : These arrangements are written at a “late intermediate” level. Some will be even easier, some may be a little more challenging (mainly because of the syncopations used in modern worship music), but I have intentionally worked to keep things at an “average” pianist level. Even if you “just” want to enjoy these arrangements at home, they shouldn’t require too much practicing. (Side note: more advanced players will probably enjoy playing arrangements they likely can sight-read.)

    If you’d like to add some Christian worship songs into your students’ repertoire, you’ll find these arrangements can help bridge the gap between popular and classical music. Many of these arrangements benefit from classical arranging techniques (Alberti bass, pedal points, etc.) to help keep the piece “pianistic.”

However, this series is probably not for you if you’re looking for arrangements that:

  • Are at an advanced level of difficulty, with lots of runs, arpeggios, etc.
  • Can be played by a band.
  • Can add a vocalist. (I put the songs in “pianist-friendly” keys (e.g., in “C” and not in “B”).
  • Follow the form of the original recordings. I skip many of the repeats you hear on the originals. This “keeps things moving” and the performance time usually somewhere around 3 – 4 minutes.
  • Are in my (somewhat) “signature” jazz style.
Click this link on our product pages to purchase the arrangement.

You can find product details and demo each new title here on this site, but purchases are made through Sheet Music. Click the “Get It at Sheet Music Plus” button to actually add it to your cart and checkout. This is a legal requirement I had to agree to in order to arrange these songs. Sheet Music Plus also requires a minimum price of $4.99 for each arrangement.

I look forward to hearing what you think!


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