November 27

3 Cool Features of Craig Curry Music


Craig Curry Music website

Here are 5 cool new features of Craig Curry Music you should know about!

1. A responsive layout.

Our new site is responsive, meaning that the layout will automatically adjust to whatever device you’re using to view the site (desktop/laptop, tablet, smartphone). Much more user-friendly!

2. Video performances on product pages.

Many product pages have a “Watch” tab where you can view a YouTube video of that piece performed in the “real world.” If you post a YouTube video of one of my pieces, let me know, and I’ll consider posting it!

3. Social Media integration.

We now offer a lot of different options for connecting with me via Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social media sites. Even if you don’t want to “follow” or “like” me, you can always see my latest Facebook posts at tweets at the bottom of each page.

You can also now register, comment, and manage your account via Facebook or other social media accounts. It provides a quick way to register, comment and/or checkout, without having to setup a separate account.


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