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Sheila R.

I just wanted to let you know what your music means to me. I am a church pianist and was always afraid of Jazz. My husband plays the bass with me and he was brought up on jazz and always wanted to play it. I find your books easy to understand and the results are […]

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Dave B.

Thanks for your interesting piano arrangements. I’ve slowly been chewing my way through 4 of 5 books and have thoroughly enjoyed the process.

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Jennifer W.

Craig, your arrangements are absolutely awesome—the best I’ve seen. You’re so free with your embellishments of these timeless hymns. These arrangements have ATTITUDE.

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Sondra H.

I absolutely love your jazz arrangements and play them often for offertory. I’ve played both with and without the band tracks, although I prefer to play most of your arrangements with tracks.

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Bill H.

First of all I want to say that I use your music a lot – great stuff. Extremely well-written and very fun. And your piano music makes for fantastic instrumentals during praise services.

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Mike M.

I have all of your piano books and they are incredible. I played your arrangement of “Near to the Heart of God” in church Sunday and everyone loved it.

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Marilyn H.

Thank you, thank you, for your arrangements. I dream of being a jazz pianist, but am not too likely to do the necessary work/study. Your arrangements allow me to “pretend” and give me both pleasure and a sense of connection to the One who loves us more than we can imagine.

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Carol D.

I just finished my daily piano practice and every one of the songs I practiced was out of your jazz books. I’m an older piano player but I love the sound of jazz with the standard hymns and church songs. I have absolutely loved learning them. I wake up at night and the songs are […]

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Sandy M.

I love your jazz arrangements. Some of them are difficult, but it’s a blast working on them because they are so unique and fun!!! Your jazz arrangements stand out from the plethora of ho-hum arrangements of many composers. In my opinion your ability to write accessible jazz sets you apart (and above) most other arranger/composers. […]

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