Let Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come


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Drawing from the gospel of John and from Revelation, Craig Curry invites us to come and drink the water of life. This anthem is well suited for so many occasions where there are those who are seeking respite and renewal. The confident refrain is easily learned and could even be taught to the congregation. For cleansing, for healing, for refreshment, “Let Everyone Who Is Thirsty, Come.”

A fascinating performance and choir that I wish I knew more about! (Unfortunately, the video cuts off before the final chord, but impressive nonetheless!)
Let everyone who is thirsty, come.
Let everyone who is thirsty, come.
O let anyone who will, come to Me and drink your fill
Let everyone who is thirsty, come.

Come to the Water, come and know
His streams of mercy which overflow.
Come let His healing wash over you,
O be cleansed, your sins forgiv'n,
All things made new.


All the broken, (come)
All the lonely, (come)
All the wounded, (come)
All the weary, (come)
All the weak and all the fearful
All the timid and the tearful
Everyone who is thirsty, come
Let everyone who is thirsty, come.

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